Former Subukia MP Koigi Wa

Former political detainee Koigi Wa Wamwere has said the 12th Parliament may not perform better than the 11th House.

The former Subukia MP said Kenyans have perfected the art of electing leaders based on what they offer them during campaigns and not on the basis of what prospective leaders promise in development.

“Properly earned leadership is holy and must never be bought or sold,” Koigi who joined NASA ahead of the August 8 general election said.

“While wishing well the legitimately elected MPs, we must remember that as long as leadership is bought, voters sell leadership for a pound of flesh and leaders use leadership to acquire wealth and power corruptly, the 12th parliament will not do better than 11th parliament.”

He said Kenya will not have better leadership that will end poverty, corruption, negative ethnicity, crime, oppression and brutal exploitation of the very people who sell leadership to be used against them.

“Leadership must never be a commodity for sale and money making.”

In the run up to the August 8 general election, there were claims that some leaders especially governors had plundered county resources and were spending the money in bribing voters.

The opposition NASA also accused the Jubilee administration of using taxpayers’ money in bribing voters and buying ID cards.

The 12 Parliament currently has 348 Members of Parliament.