Kenya Wildlife Services is set to relocate a number of its wildlife from Naivasha to reduce pasture and water pressure currently being experienced in most game sanctuaries and parks in the area.

The pressure had resulted to many of the animals straying out of the designated places to residential areas in search of pastures and water, thus exposing them to poaching by unscrupulous traders.

The prolonged drought witnessed in the country recently coupled with closure of game corridors in Naivasha have led to an increase in cases of human-wildlife conflict and game meat trade, which has largely informed the decision by KWS.

The officer in charge of Hellsgate national park Hapicha Helema said the first phase of the translocation exercise would target zebras, giraffes and impalas which would be ferried to a conservancy in Mombasa.

Wildlife in Naivasha to be relocated to reduce water and food pressure currently being experienced

She further indicated that the move was aimed at minimizing the current pressure in area, adding that the animals would be relocated from the nearby Wileli sanctuary to Borabora conservancy in Mombasa.

“We selected the capture site in order to minimize on the species population pressure currently being experienced at the site,” she said.

As the exercise kicked off last evening, five zebras, six giraffes and nine impalas were trans-located to Mombasa as more were set to be moved at a later date.

Meanwhile, Hapicha said no deaths were witnessed in the parks during the drought period.

She however admitted that with a high number of animals seeking pastures away from game ranches, cases of game meat trade had increased during the same period.