The Law Society of Kenya has slammed the police for using force on protests by supporters of NASA outside the offices of the IEBC and at the Milimani Law Courts during the hearing of Babu Owino’s slur remarks.

In a statement, LSK president Isaac Okero has demanded the IG to act immediately and rein in his officers and to discipline those whose actions on University Way and at the Milimani Law Courts has brought the National Police Service into dispute.

“They show no inhibition to flaunting their brazen violation of the constitutional rights of the persons they are duty bound to protect, and their shameless lack of professionalism. Only prompt action by the Inspector General of Police will assure Kenyans that our nation is not sliding into the repressive condition of a police state” the statement read.

“The Inspector General of Police must disclose within seven days the names and force numbers of the officers who are shown to have acted in violation of the constitution and of the National Police Service Act”

Protestors who are peaceable and unarmed are as entitled as are other persons in the vicinity of the protest to the protection of their constitutional rights to dignity, to freedom and security and not to be treated in a cruel, inhuman or degrading manner.

“On the use of force a police officer is required to always attempt to use non-violent means first and force may only be employed when non-violent means are ineffective or without any promise of achieving the intended result” said Okero in a statement.

The law body claims that the police officers ignored his advocate by violently pushed Mr. Otiende Amolo aside preventing him from communication with his client hence unlawful assault of counsel.

In the event that the Inspector General of Police does not take prompt action as aforesaid the LSK, shall take steps to initiate private prosecutions of the officers concerned for the violation of the provisions of the constitution and of the provisions of the National Police Service Act.