The first time a woman has ‘steamy lungula’ with a man…be it the boyfriend or just a ‘friendly match’ they will enjoy one moment; the so called… ‘cum drip’!

Linchez (not her real name) says every time she is banged she notices somebody with a ‘Kigongo’ and one with a condom….

According to her, the cold, slimy embrace of her partners thick cum, sliding down her legs…. sitting in the valley of her butt cheeks-is a feeling she enjoys. In fact, she confesses, having sex with a partner putting on condom is a torture to her!

But, she is cautious just like other girls!

We have had tips, magazine articles or even full page ads for ladies on how to tighten their ‘nunus’ or make it hot for their man to enjoy, increase or reduce their breasts.

So who is out there fighting for the ‘cum drip’ phenomenon now that it is one of the most revered times in a sex orgy.

During sex whose work is it to wipe off the others cum?

Though Linchez loves this experience, question is, whose responsibility is it to get up and get the tissue and do the ‘wiping’.

So how do you deal with the cum drip once you start having sex? According to Linchez, who started engaging in active sex when she joined campus says that, the idea of cum having to eject from her ‘nunu’ was never something she considered!

She rather assumed that semen would magically be sucked up by a spongy ‘nunu’ ready and yawning to absorb up the proteins!

Another hooker going by the name Sniper (not her real name) says it is the responsibility of the ‘cummer’ to retrieve tissue—yuck I hate tissue! Or some other wiping tool, because to her, their semen is their mess to clean.

But to others like Lyn(not her real name),a hooker who sells her ‘goods’ at Innercore she prefers the ‘cup and run’-where she leisurely let the cum slip between her thighs as she sips a post-lungula cup of yourghut…Baaaaaaam!

As they say in this side of Sahara…. ‘Accept that ‘cum drip’ is a thing that happens and move on’…And establish some kind of way of dealing with it.

Whatever makes you comfortable is fine.