Getting dirty in the morning is such a “thing” for most women! But did you know that morning ‘lungula’ aka ‘morning glory’ is bloody brilliant!

Although most women the reporter talked to said that they ‘love morning lungula’-quite a percentage said that it is a dirty affair and never like it.

One sex worker who goes by the name ‘Tricky*’ who operates in Huruma Estate, Nairobi who talked to the reporter said that she gets active in the morning in his ‘night escapades’ in order to end up with a hot morning glory.

“You see when you get your ‘prey’ at about 3am which is my peak time…. I am assured of a ‘morning glory’,” said Tricky.

To her, she would rather have a ‘3-4am-er’ than a sweaty and mourning nights of ecstasy.

“I would rather get ‘late pumping’ than stay up for an extra half an hour moaning and bouncing around on top of my client,” she said.

Morning glory is actually advised for people

Sex therapists report that in the morning, however, one is well-rested. The sex energy is at its peak…. Literally one is bubbling with energy to ‘lungula’!

One reason they front is that………starting early morning with an orgasm is a guarantee to make the rest of the day go smoothly.

“I love morning orgasm…. In fact, sometimes we argue with my partner about it…. but I know where to touch to excite him” said Angy* who is newly married.

Angy* insists that ‘morning glory’ makes her prepared knowing that she will spend hours having sex and then lounging in bed.

The other best part is that the bed is very comfortable in the morning; while having ‘lungula’.

So, if you are those women who are irked with ‘morning lungula’…. pliiiiiiz just wake up you might be missing ‘the sukaaaari!”.