By Barrack Muluka

It is common knowledge that all the three NASA principals besides Raila Odinga have presidential ambitions and that Musalia Mudavadi did not run last year because the college of the presidential ticket hopefuls thought Raila would be best placed to run.

That left the possibility that the remaining three would be still in contestation at the next election. And the ANC leader is one of them. The coalition contract recognizes that the 2017 flagbearer would carry the flag only for one term and that in 2022 the field would be wide open for the three to compete for the NASA flag.

The ANC leader would naturally revamp his team, his party and his political environment generally with a view of making a very serious and meaningful shot at the presidency when we come to the next roadblock. So there is no doubt, in fact, it is not a matter of speculation, because we will be cleaning our structures, strengthening the branches and cleaning NASA as well to ensure there is cohesion and integration within the party. We will ensure there is commonness of focus and agenda and that the party has got stalwarts who are going to take it forward.

Regarding the other principals, it is our understanding that there are only two other principals in NASA as we are concerned in that context because the understanding was that the fourth one was the flagbearer in the last election. During the next five years, if there will be an election, as NASA has continued to push for, it has to be a snap election. And the flagbearer would naturally be Raila Odinga.

But if the current situation resolves itself and we find out that we are going into 2022, then we would have a different team. Our principal would be the frontline contestant and we would be able to persuade the other principals to see that he was better placed.

In all political contestations, you must believe without needing to apologize that you have a candidate who is going to win and that this candidate has the necessary assets and a wide appeal to the electorate and that he has endeared himself to the electorate in the context of the kind of political agenda he embraces and comportment. In this context the country needs to be fixed and the person to fix that is the ANC leader.

The writer is the ANC secretary general