The government will not relent in ensuring peace resumes in Kerio Valley and the bordering areas, Outgoing Rift valley Regional Coordinator Wanyama Musiambo has said.

“We will nor relent until calm restores. The culprits must be brought to book. Its unfortunate of the recent bandit attacks in the area that led to the killing of six people, stated that the government is in a move to ensure no more illegal firearms in the area,” said the RC.

Speaking in his office on Wednesday,he said that the security agencies were conducting a 24 hour surveillance and have vowed to ensure that any livestock stolen is returned to the owner.

Tension continued to build after security agencies failed to recover at least 300 cattle stolen from the Pokot last Friday, when suspected Marakwet bandits invaded Chesegon, West Pokot. Six people were killed in the gunfight.

Pokot bandits have refused to release the body of a 19-year-old teenager killed during the clash, exacerbating the situation. Some 660 goats and 16 sheep were also stolen.

Musiambo called on those still in possession of the illegal firearms to ensure they submit them to the government before the grace period adding that it will be confidential and that no action will be taken against those who obey and do so.

“We have a window period for those with illegal firearms to come and register them so that we can know. Firearm should not be owned by everyone in the village. Let us have government firearms that protect all” said Musiambo.

He cited the recent incidents in Baringo and Laikipia where the stolen cattle were traced by security agents and recovered.

“We are insisting that any stolen livestock is recovered and we are on it like the recent incidents in Laikipia and Baringo. It should be noted that the security agents recovered over 600 livestock in Lakipia that had been stolen through attacks. ” he said.

At least 400 police reservists were recruited in Marakwet in 2017, but none in West Pokot. This irked Pokot leaders, who accused the state of favouring one community in the conflict.

On Saturday, West Pokot leaders, headed by Governor John Lonyangapuo, gave security agencies seven days to recover the stolen cattle or they will take unspecified action.