NASA MCAs in Nairobi yesterday walked out of the chamber protesting speaker Beatrice Elachi’s refusal to allow them debate people’s Assembly motion.
The motion was not listed in the order paper but Minority chief whip Peter Imwatok wanted to wanted to use a provision in the Standing order that allows a member to issue notice and move a motion, even if is not in the order paper.
But Elachi declined to allow him, saying the house had already gone past the ‘notice of motion’ in the sequence of the order paper.
They opposition MCAs chanted ,’reject, resist’ as they walked out of the chamber.
They accused the speaker of bias and favouritism.
Addressing journalists moments after storming out of the chamber,  the MCAs said the speaker did not follow the speaker did not follow the sequence of the order paper and instead went straight to the last item- motion of adjournment – so as not this block the motion from being moved.
“This is a dictator speaker. We will bring this motion again next year in January. We have tyranny of brains and this motion must go through even if it is February next yea r ”  he said.
He says most of the Jubilee members were absent today and therefore the speaker feared the motion would have gone through.
Imwatok had whipped NASA members to attend today’s sitting. There were 35 NASA MCAs against Jubilee’s 19.
Most Jubilee members are in Mombasa for a workshop. But NASA MCAs were whipped and some of them traveled back for the motion.
Imwatok’s message whipping the members read, ” Hon. Members as you all aware, more than 14 county assembly have passed the people assembly motion, as a party motion this is therefore  to instruct u as NASA MCAs to be in assembly without fail for today’s tabling of the motion. Kindly treat this with confidentiality  as NASA we want it get jubilee off guard.
The House business committee had yesterday and last Tuesday declined to allocate the motion time, citing a court order that barred assemblies from debating it.
But majority leader Abdi Guyo said, “we cannot allow the motion to be debated in our Assembly because it is illegal, adding that he would write to CoB not approve funds for counties whose assemblies have approved the motion.
“And if the CoB goes ahead and approves it, their budgets, then we will petition the National Assembly to remove her from office,” he said.
Guyo said the motion will never be debated, noting that it is ill intentioned.
“I want to plead with Raila Odinga to please follow and defend the constitution he fought for. President Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in as per the law. We don’t want chaos in Nairobi, ” he said.
Raila is expected to be sworn in as ‘President’ by the people’s Assembly next Tuesday.