Police used teargas on Friday to disperse protesters in the three main cities, as the standoff between the government and Opposition leaders over the election continued.

NASA protesters in Nairobi were teargased.

Those in Kisumu reacted angrily when police turned water cannon on them to prevent them from entering the city centre.

“Our demonstrations have a (valid) basis and are peaceful,” Hezron Aloyo said on Friday. “We condemn the directive … on the limitation of our rights to demonstrate.”

Opposition supporters in Homa Bay have also carried on with protests, hampering transport. Shops and other outlets in the town have remained closed.

The youths have barricaded major roads leading to and out of the town.The main road leading to the police station has also been blocked.

Oyugi Magwanga has advised the people to hold peaceful demonstrations against the IEBC and avoid confrontations with police.

Magwanga noted it is a crucial time for the Opposition and that nobody should die, sustain injuries or lose property.

NASA chief led by presidential candidate Raila Odinga have instructed their supporters to hold countrywide demonstrations to force top IEBC officials out of office and prevent electoral reforms.

“I urge our people to maintain peace while demonstrating and avoid confrontation with the police who are there to protect us,” said Magwanga.

On Wednesday, the politician who lost to Governor Cyprian Awiti on August 8 , led a peaceful demonstration in Homa Bay Town.

It turned chaotic after he left and saw youths engage police in running battles.

At least two police officers were seriously injured and a rifle damaged. Another weapon was snatched from one of the officers but it was recovered later.

A spare part shop was burnt down and crowds blamed police.