NASA lost to Jubilee and the Economic Freedom Party (EFP) in Mandera where the opposition coalition did not secure any elective seat.

The county wholly voted for Jubilee in the March 4, 2013 general election.

In 2016 elders from the county came up with a negotiated democracy deal and asked elective office holders to pave way for a new group of leaders.

The elders aided the formation of EFP and endorsed former Rift Valley provincial commissioner Hassan Noor to run for governor.

Governor Ali Roba, however, defied the move and successfully defended his seat on a Jubilee Party ticket.

Mandera governor-elect Ali. Photo: Roba.

He ran a successful campaign and won against Noor.

In the race for senate, Maalim Mohamud of Jubilee Party led with 67,295 votes. Hassan Osman of EFP had 57,023 votes.

Woman representative candidate Amina Hassan of EFP won with 58,369 votes against PDR’s Amina Ahmed’s 35,198 and Jubilee’s Ethila Issack (28,520).

In Lafey constituency, Abdi Ibrahim of EFP garnered 3,983 votes against Jubilee’s Shahban Isaack’s 3,515.

In Mandera East, Omar Hassan of EFP had 11,440 votes against Hussein Mohamed of Jubilee Party who secured 8,472 votes.

Kurrow Maalim of EFP in Mandera Central received 9,097 vots against Jubilee’s Abdi Mohamed who got 4,961 votes.