Your romance life can be pretty exciting or f***king boring or simply put safer depending on how you want it!

It is now not news that the navel showing and torn jeans wearing young beauties in town now treats the condom as a myth.

The new crop of ladies in their quest for first ‘sexperience’ usually adore ‘Kigongo’ and uses all manner of excuses just to have the ‘real thing’.

But little do they know that this is ‘a devil’s trap’!

This new generation has adopted the trend of having unprotected sex

They always lure their ‘preys’ with sweet words such as…… “Bae si utamwaga nje?” But in the process this never happens! This trick actually works in their favour.

The ‘boxer showing’ young men…. who by now are eager to try this game…. will tremble like a chameleon, shake like a broken washing machine……lose their senses and deposit instead of withdrawing……Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiibim!

What follows is a feigned blame-game………………” Oooooooh sasa ona…. umenipa mimba”.

By this time a tense ‘depositor’ will have a litany of advice such as; ’ooooh si utatoa tu’…. ‘Utabuy tu pill’.

The young babes literally turn into ‘pill-popping babes’ ……. But that is what they like. As one of them told this writer “I better get the stuff raw…. kesi baadaye! Si kuna chemist’.

No wonder these ‘beauties’ resort to ‘chumed mpangos’ who will pay anything worth it for a ‘raw coital pleasure’