The inclusion of strong opposition members in the Cabinet would be a disappointment to Jubilee supporters, Limuru MP Peter Mwathi said on Friday.

He urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to announce his full Cabinet to ease growing political tension. Last Friday Uhuru named six nominees to his new Cabinet.

“This is very tricky. The President needs to include the politicians who campaigned for him, but not those who campaigned for the opposition since they are the one who allege his victory was not legitimate,” Mwathi said.

He spoke at St Paul’s Primary School, Kabuku, during a surprise visit to all primary schools in the constituency.

“We know all these people. They caused this country to use a lot of money with the general election and the repeat presidential election,” Mwathi said.

“As of now I cannot give their names because I respect President Kenyatta and Deputy [President William] Ruto, but they are