Kenya Bureau of Standards has dismissed claims that plastic rice is being sold in the country.

The agency said its officers have conducted market surveillance and made visits at various stores and collected samples randomly, but none of the packets has been found to contain plastic.

“All tests (on rice) have confirmed that the rice currently in the market is safe for consumption,” the Agency said in a statement.

Kebs added that the video circulating on social media is a common process often conducted by manufacturers when recycling plastic materials.

“Through it, used plastic products are recycled and converted into pellets, which then can be re-used to produce various plastic products,” the statement said.

Kebs denies claims that plastic rice is being sold in the country

The agency assured Kenyans that all imports are tested in the country of origin under pre-export verification of conformity programme.

“All imports including rice are to be accompanied with certificates of conformity (CoCs) when they arrive in the country,” the statement adds.

Products that do not conform, added the statement, are issued with non-conformity reports and are rejected, and cannot be allowed in the country.

Kebs asked Kenyans making claims of plastic rice to contact its officers so that they can verify the allegations.

“We call on consumers to submit samples of rice or any other product that do not meet standards, for testing at our laboratories in Nairobi, Kisumu or Mombasa,” the Agency said.