ODM nominations in Busia county were delayed for hours and no one from the party headquarters was explaining the delay.

Three hours later, the exercise has not started in most polling stations and Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong expressed frustrations over the delay. Ojaamong said he had tried reaching party election coordination board in vain.

Ojaamong is seeking to defend his seat against rival Paul Otuoma, the Funyula MP.

Earlier in the morning, Otuoma had made a complaint at Funyula police station after a replica of one of the local dailies were circulated in the town, alleging that he has defected to Jubilee.

The police said they were investigating the matter.

ODM nominations in Busia fail to take off

Busia governor Sospeter Ojaamong expresses frustration over delayed ODM nominations in the area

But speaking later, Ojaamong said it was a “fact that Otuoma was a Jubilee candidate”. He maintained that Jubilee MPs have been campaigning for his rival. “The truth is that my opponent is a Jubilee candidate. All the people campaigning for him are Jubilee and they are doing it in the open. I know I will beat him. That is why I am not afraid of him,” he said.

Some 126 candidates are seeking various seats across Busia with Ojaamong and Otuoma seeking to ODM’s gubernatorial seat. The county has 105 polling stations.

Ojaamong’ said it is unfortunate that the exercise had not started by 8.30am, yet all preparations had been made the previous evening. “The party had already sent officials to preside the elections but nothing is happening. As you can see the people are not enthusiastic anymore,” he said.

He said he was extremely embarrassed and cannot understand why the materials had not been delivered.

The party is holds party primaries on Thursday, starting with Busia, Bungoma and Machakos.