Former Parliament Deputy Speaker Farah Maaalim has exuded confidence he will win the Garissa Township parliamentary seat.
Maalim told National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale to take a back seat and wait to stay in the political cold for the next five years as he represents Garissa Township residents in Parliament.
Speaking to the press after being cleared by the IEBC for the election, Maalim said he was not worried by the criticism peddled by him opponents. Maalim is facing off with Duale (Jubilee) and Abdi Yarre of ANC.
“In my campaigns, I only talk about issues, areas and sectors that need to be changed. I am not the kind of politician who responds to statements. All I can say is “bring it on”. Let the people of Garissa decide. They will vote for positive change,” said Maalim.
He said efforts by some politicians in the constituency to divide voters will not work urging residents to rise above clan politics. He was accompanied by Nasir Dolal and Abdi Majid who are his former rivals and his supporters. Dolal and Abdi come from the same clan but stepped down in Maalim’s favour.

A jaxtaposed photo of Maalim (L) and Duale. The two are vying for the Garissa Township parliamentary seat. Photo:

“People have matured. The shenanigans spun by politicians to re-validate themselves after failing to deliver are no longer going to work in this part of the country,” he added.
Duale has already been cleared by the IEBC for the contest and has promised to give his opponents a run for their money- dismissing Maalim’s candidature and describing him as a “village politician” who was rejected by his people in Daadab.
“I want to tell him for free that he has no votes in this constituency. I will send him home for early retirement. Nobody will ever hear about him.”
Duale is from the Abduwak clan while Maalim comes from the Aulihan clan. The two are the constituency’s major clans and how they vote determines ones victory in polls.