ODM parliamentary aspirants in Mombasa have asked NASA affiliate parties to prepare for a tough battle despite being under one coalition.

On Saturday, Jomvu MP Badi Twalib and ODM candidate for Women Representative Aisha Hussein said their party must have the majority in the national assembly.

Apart from ODM, NASA brings on board Wiper, Ford Kenya, ANC and CCM.

“How will NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga have his motions or bills passed if we are not the majority and how will his appointments sail through if ODM does not have majority seats?” he asked.

Jubilee has had an advantage in the 11th parliament because of its tyranny of numbers.

Twalib said for parliament to be dominated by ODM MPs, party supporters must turn out in large numbers and vote for the party candidates in the August polls.

Jomvu MP Badi Twalib with ODM woman rep candidate Aisha Hussein while issuing cheques worth Sh. 9.6 million to college students.

He said Mombasa is not a purely ODM zone as they shared seats with Wiper in the 2013 elections and Jubilee is attempting to get a foothold in the area. He urged voters to ignore other candidates from other parties.

Each NASA affiliate party has been rallying its base to have their own chosen. Twalib spoke at Kajembe High School when he issued bursaries worth Shs. 9.6 million from the Constituency Development Fund to 200 university and secondary students.

The students from different institutions of higher learning across the country will be receiving each sh. 11,000 each for the ongoing semester.

While issuing the cheques Badi said that since 2013 his office has given out over 16, 000 bursaries to the Jomvu residents. Ms. Hussein said Jubilee tried in vain to split Mombasa voting bloc.

She said they poached Likoni MP Masoud Mwahima and deputy governor Hazel Katana but still struggle to make an impact.

She called on voters to embrace the six piece pattern of voting to ensure the opposition coalition wins big in the forthcoming polls.

“The competition that we are going to have internally should not divide us. If others will have majority, they will give us hard time,” she said.

One party rule in Mombasa has been blamed for “inept” leadership in the county assembly. MCAs, all who had been elected on ODM ticket in 2013 are accused of failing to take Joho to task and question dubious spending.

But ODM will face stiff competition especially from Wiper and Vibrant Democratic Party which has candidates for all elective seats in Mombasa.