A thread of debate is gaining traction that a section of the Kenyan population should consider seceding unless the other section behaves and hand over the presidency. It has been ignited by sentiments attributed to David Ndii, an operative within the NASA ranks.

The gist of the debate is that the Luo nation and a few confederates, should consider divorcing the Kikuyu nation and their confederates in a move that will require the dismembering of the country into two or more countries.

The main ground is the presidency and sharing of national resources.

I regard this debate as tense but healthy. It stretches our minds and refines our nation. Every person has a free will. It is a will to think and manifest the thoughts through action.

The will is so free that even our creator, God does not control it. He only asks us to choose. Without this free will, human beings would be like robots. It is on this free will that the right to self determination exists.

For order, strength and progress, individuals cede some measure of free will to usher in a collective will. This is the foundation upon which a society is anchored. Collective free will in a society is then manifested through democracy. The majority have their way while the minority have their say.

Building anything takes thinking, planning, time, sacrifice and investment. Destruction requires tools only. Democracy is about sacrifices, restraint and even magnanimity because being many does not necessarily translate to being right. Flaws of democracy can be very punishing and disappointing but it still remains a better option.

In the case of our country, the undeclared rivalry between the Luo and Kikuyu nations has been with us. The contests between Kenyatta and Odinga families continues. In my view, this is the oil that fuels the secession movement. Let the cow die.

I consider the secession suggestion as an insult to me and to the Luo nation. It is packaged to be a way of liberating ourselves from the kikuyu nation, a viable way of getting the presidency and a faster route to Canaan.

If the luo people and particularly Raila Odinga cannot go past Uhuru to the presidency, then he can as well create a small country and lead. That the luo nation should think of combining a few counties to make a nation and lead. That is an insult to a group of people who are courageous, strong and able.

We want to lead, and we want to lead Kenya. If it is canaan, we want the real and full canaan. Telling us to think of small pieces of canaan, is misleading and an insult.

It is incumbent upon President Uhuru and the deputy Ruto to come in as big brothers to help in nurturing new leaders who can inspire faith and hope otherwise desperation can set in. Leaders who can take the baton from you.

The luo nation needs hope and the responsibility is on your shoulders Mr President.

Ambrose Weda (Esq)

Seniour Lawyer