Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi has lashed out at his political rivals saying they are ‘too blind’ to see what he has done for Wajir residents in the last five years.

Abdullahi who is defending his seat on an ODM ticket at the same time expressed confidence he will triumph against his challengers to win a second term.

In an earlier interview with the Star, the county chief said some Wajir politicians have personal differences with him which, have little to do with his development work.

Governor Abdullahi when he addressed a County Assembly session. Photo: the-star.co.ke

“I have been governor for more than four years and my performance is out there for all to see,” he said.

He said he was confident that Wajir voters will base on his development record to vote for and give him second term in office.

“I hope that people will not elect a person who will undo the gains we have made since 2013,” Abdullahi a close ally of opposition leader Raila Odinga said.

Among the successes he said he had scored was improved security.

“Although it is not a devolved function, we have helped set up infrastructure and stepped in when security personnel needed resources,” the county chief said.

He said at Fadhiweyn along the border of Wajir and Garissa counties, his administration had built a police post to prevent militant groups from attacking settlements.

“At Burumayo and Gunane, an area which has for long experienced clan clashes, we assisted the security forces set up a post,” Abdullahi said.