Gem Member of Parliament Mr. Jakoyo Midiwo has faulted the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) for failing to hand over the Busia gubernatorial ticket to his Funyula counterpart following the bungled party nomination exercise.

Speaking in his Gem constituency on Saturday, Midiwo said Paul Otuoma deserved the ticket and should not be subjected to a repeat exercise after the party nullified the nomination process in Busia following rigging claims.

Midiwo said the party was setting a bad precedent by failing to discipline Busia governor, Sospeter Ojaamong for allegedly interfering with the nomination process that saw questionable results from his Teso North and South strongholds.

He said the ODM national elections’ board was to blame for the shambolic nomination process in Busia, adding that the same could be replicated elsewhere if action will not be taken to rectify the composition of the county elections boards, a mandate that was given to ODM governors.

“The national elections’ board gave the governors the architecture of the county elections board and this is wrong,” said Midiwo who warned that the party should brace itself for problems as the voters will not accept rigged leaders to be imposed on them.

He said it was wrong for the governors to be given a lee way to appoint their cronies to preside over the nominations as they could not be expected to be impartial.

ODM should directly nominated Paul Otuoma says Midiwo

Gem Member of Parliament Jakoyo Midiwo has faulted ODM for not given a direct nomination to Paul Otuoma

The deputy minority leader in the national assembly said the party must allow its members to see democracy at play by disciplining those who use unorthodox ways to influence results in their favour.

Midiwo warned the Siaya county ODM nominations board officials not to try dirty games, adding that the repercussions will be dire.

“We know that they are cronies of the governor and legislators Oburu Odinga and Opiyo Wandayi but, if they try to go against the wishes of the electorate, they should be prepared for the consequences which may be worse than Busia,” he said.

He urged party supporters in Siaya not to allow rigging, adding that the wishes of the people must be respected by those charged with the task of managing the nominations.