Restore and Build Kenya Party presidential candidate Pete Ondeng has said that he has a grand plan to reduce the runaway cost of living should he get to State House in August.

Ondeng who boasts of experience as an advisor in micro-finance said that, if elected in the August polls, will change the economy of the country from ‘consumer economy’ to a ‘producing economy’ to change the livelihoods of Kenyans and create jobs.

“We can produce things like clothes and nails in this country. Why do we depend on goods from other countries like ‘Mitumba’ for example,” Ondeng said during a live TV interview with KTN.

He added “Most people sell cheap goods from China that this country can easily produce with the right government in place”

The presidential candidate who served as an adviser during the coalition government of Kibaki and Raila said that most of the manufacturing companies had closed shop due to lack of raw materials.

Presidential candidate, Pete Ondeng has said that if elected, he will be able to solve the cost of living crisis in the country

Pointing out the collapse of industries such as KICOMI and Rivatex, he said that the country needed policies that will cushion investors and create wealth to farmers.

He further asked Kenyans to vote leaders based on their ideals and not on ethnic basis.

The RBK candidate said that top on his manifesto will be on wealth creation.

On his running mate, Ondeng promised that the party had settled on a ‘well known’ personality that will be unveiled next week.

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