Gwada Ogot, who is behind the petition to legalise planting, trade in bhang is set to defend his proposal.

He will face the Senate Health committee chaired by Wilfred Machage, Migori Senator.

Ogot wants to see the decriminalisation of bhang and the freeing of individuals who are serving jail term for offenses related to the drug.

“I pray the House recommends amnesty for all people jailed for possession, usage, sale, cultivation and transportation of cannabis sativa. Criminalising cannabis creates criminals where none existed,” Ogot said.

According to Ogot, bhang is not only disease resistant; it can also be used for medicinal purposes. With this in mind, he is advocating for the formation of the Cannabis Sativa Board of Kenya, which will oversee the farming, consumption and trade of the drug.

If his petition is approved, Kenya will join countries like Netherlands, Switzerland, Uruguay, Portugal and Spain as well as the State of Colorado where the use of bhang is free but regulated.