Plainclothes officers on Wednesday morning stormed a peace meeting in Mathare and ordered those present to leave.

The police officers who are well known residents said that they suspected the attendants of making plans to disrupt operations ahead of NASA’s announcements later in the day.

The opposition said they would be addressing the country today on their next move after rejecting the presidential results released last Saturday by the IEBC.

Mathare post-election protests

Alphonse Were leader of the Mathare Peace Initiative Kenya said they called the meeting to discuss community issues.

“We were meeting at a social hall within Hospital ward when police in civilian clothes with walkie-talkies stormed in and ordered us to leave,” he said.

“We know some of the officers. We tried to explain what was going on and asked them to let us proceed but the inspector was not convinced and continued to ask us to leave.”

Were said that some people were forced to run to safety from the meeting convened together with Peace Net Kenya.

He noted that there was still tension in Mathare even after calm returned after the protests that broke after IEBC’s announcement of President-elect Uhuru as the winner.

Another meeting took place in AIC Kibera where women came together to discuss issues affecting them in times of violence.