Election mood has gripped Elgeyo Marakwet MCAs crippling Assembly’s business according to deputy speaker Paul Suter.

Suter said most MCAs are strategizing of recapturing their seats paying less attention to the Assembly’s business and offering oversight role by scrutinizing county government operations and projects.

“All of us are now gearing to seek another mandate. This is the time when we experience a lot of pilferage in counties because people are busy seeking votes,” he said, adding that most county government departments may not fully utilise funds.

No business taking place at the Elgeyo Marakwet assembly as MCAs prepare for the election

Elgeyo Marakwet MCAs paralysing assembly’s matters as they focus on election

He said some operations at Elgeyo Marakwet county assembly were delayed due to quorum hitches as MCAs began campaigns since the beginning of the year.

He was speaking in Iten after the assembly adjourned on Wednesday to allow reps take part in the upcoming party primaries.

He said the election mood among MCAs also affected the just concluded budgeting process as most of the reps were away for campaigns.

Suter said most pending bills will be rolled over to the next assembly since the May/June session will be short.

“I expect a low key sitting in May after April nominations. Those who will win will come back proud and those who will win will come back mourning,” he said.

The deputy speaker said the county assembly was not swayed into making a populist budget as it is normally witnessed in an election year.

“The county assembly steered clear of a populist budget. We stuck to our core projects,” he added.

He said most reps in the assembly will be battling out with rivals during the Jubilee Party nominations in April 21.