The National Super Alliance presidential candidate, Raila Odinga has accused Jubilee of not enacting proper laws to safeguard community land.

Raila termed the laws enacted by Jubilee as ‘a mockery of the land rights in various communities’ adding that his government (Nasa government) will address these issues when it takes power after the August polls.

The opposition leader said that National Land Policy set up the roadmap for settling the land injustices in these counties. He further said that there was need to implement the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Report.

“As it is Jubilee does not want to hear the TJRC report. Unless the TJRC report is implemented fully, we cannot wish away the land issue,” Raila told a press conference.

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Raila accused the Jubilee administration of messing up with Land chapters in the constitution and have now resorted to sugar-coat his sentiments in Kajiado as hate speech.

NASA presidential candidate, Raila Odinga and other NASA members where he addressed the press at Capitol Hill

“There is nothing that I have said that warrant investigations. In fact, Jubilee should thank me for doing their work,” said Raila.

Kanchori Memusi Kajiado Central Member of Parliament asked Jubilee to desist from politicising the remarks in Kajiado for nothing.

Memusi said that the Maa community have had to sell their land due to desperation and poverty and that it was affecting every corner of this nation.

“We do not want politics to be played in such grave matters as land. Why is it normal when Uhuru tell his supporters in Kiambu not to sell their land during a title deed handover ceremony but it is now wrong when Raila tell Maa community not to do the same?” he asked.

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