Residents of Kongoine village, Murang’a County are now living in fear of being attacked  by a leopard that has been spotted  in the  region.

According to the residents,  the  female  leopard which  has four  cabs  has  been spotted by several residents  and  now it is over a week and nothing has been done by Kenya  Wildlife Services (KWS).

Samuel Maina,  a resident, says that after the leopard was  spotted they went   to the chief’s office to report the matter.

“We were promised that KWS officers will be alerted so that they can relocate the animal,” he complained.

He said they were now living in fear as the animal has not been stocked.

“We are living under the fear of being attacked by this animal, my children are small and whenever they are heading to school, I have to escort them to and fro,” he said.

He is urging the authority to move with speed, saying they should not wait until a resident or livestock are killed for them to respond to their cries.

Jane Wamuthoni, a mother of two said that since the leopard was spotted in the area, she has to escort her children   to school. She, however, said she does not feel safe even as she escort her children.

Residents of Murang’a spot female lion with her three cubs in the area

“What I can do is pray and wait for their time to return home, so I can go for them again,” Wamuthoni said.

“I have  been  going  to the ridges to cut  fodder for my animals, I can’t  go now  because I hear that the  dangerous  animal  lives around there,” she  said.

The area chief, Kimani Muna says he has received information about the leopard.

He said the Kenya Wildlife Service’s officers had been informed about the leopard roaming in the region, but they are yet to respond.

He said he shall make a follow up on the issue at KWS offices, which he said  are in Arbederes and Nairobi.

Township MCA Charles Karina said that   he had not received any information about the roaming leopard.

He however promised   to make a follow up at KWS offices in Nairobi to ensure  that the  dangerous animal is relocated.

“We do not want to lose any single person  due to the attacks  by  wild animals,” he said,  urging the KWS officials to move  with speed.

He urged residents to remain calm and avoid confronting the animal.