Seven construction workers were injured today after a building they were working on collapsed at Giacai village, in Kirinyaga County.

During the 8.30 am incident, one of the victims sustained multiple fractures on his hands and legs. The victim who was trapped by the concrete rubble for one and a half hours was pulled out after a heavy excavator was brought to the scene.

The building which collapsed killing 7 construction workers who were working on it

Before being pulled out, the victim identified as only Murimi, 31, almost suffocated after a water pipe where he was trapped in burst and flooded the scene. Rescuers however managed to scoop out the muddy water to ensure his head was not submerged.

The victims were rushed to the nearby Kerugoya Level Four hospital where four were admitted with serious injuries.

“We received seven victims three of whom were treated with minor injuries and admitted four with serious injuries and fractures,” said Esbon Gakuo at the hospital.

One of the workers who witnessed the incident, Francis Mwangi said he heard a loud bang after a stone canopy collapsed and hit the ground hard.

Remains of the fallen building

“My seven colleagues were seated on the collapsed canopy which they were working on and as I looked up to see what was happening I saw the colleagues being thrown away in different directions while screaming for help,” he said.

Another worker, Jeremiah Warui said he arrived at the venue as usual and in the company of his colleagues climbed up using a wooden ladder.

“In a matter of seconds, I heard some movement as the canopy we were sitting on caved in but managed to jump to safety before the heavy stone structure came down with a thud,” he said.

The property situated on the Kutus-Kerugoya road was a proposed ware house  for Kega Beer with  Peanco limited listed as  the client Nathan Gichuki as the Engineer while Evanston Ng’ang’a is the architect, according to a  sign post at the site.

One of the workers who witnessed the incident Francis Mwangi narrates how he heard a loud bang after a stone canopy collapsed and hit the ground hand.

Interestingly, Peanco is also indicated as the contractor while NEMA’s certificate of compliance is clearly shown as PR/KRG/5/2/696, while the National Construction Authority permit number is indicated as 396041560082.

Poor workmanship was blamed for the incident as an engineer who stopped by but did not want to be identified claimed the columns were built using Y 8 metal rods instead Y 16.

“The weight of the canopy outweighed that of the supports built using Y 8 metal bars while no tie wires had been used as required,” he said.

The county government engineer said to have been assigned to supervise the building declined to visit the scene on been notified of the incident and switched off his phone.

It also emerged the proprietor of the premises is Andrew Wachira who recently lost the Jubilee nominations for the Kerugoya Ward MCA. Efforts to trace him for comment