Farmers in Mosop, Keiyo South, are counting losses after a strange animal killed 12 sheep on Saturday night.

Local farmers said the animal suspected to have strayed from Kaptagat forest has been killing animals for the past one year.

The incident happened two weeks after a leopard killed 29 sheep in Katee and Chebara areas, Marakwet West.

A farmer, Moses Kiprop, accused Kenya Wild Service of failing to respond to their calls to kill the animal.

Sheep killed by starange animal in Chebara, Marakwet West.

Sheep killed by strange animal in Chebara, Marakwet West.

Kiprop said the animal had killed 200 sheep in Kaptagat, Chepsamo and Kapkenda areas since mid 2016.

“KWS is aware of the animal and the destruction it has caused but it has never taken action,” Kiprop said.

He said the strange animal resembling a wolf killed large numbers of sheep, but only eats their lungs.

Kiprop claimed the KWS has brought strange animals to Kaptagat forest without creating awareness among locals.

“We have heard rumours that KWS has brought many strange animals to Kaptagat (forest). It should tell us if this is true so that we can know how to take care of our livestock,” he said.

Elgeyo Marakwet KWS deputy warden John Ngalia said the service has not received claims from the affected farmers.

Ngalia called on the farmers to stop leaving livestock in Kaptagat forest at night to reduce the chances of their livestock being attacked by wild animals.

He dismissed claims that the service has brought strange animals to Kaptagat forest.

“We can’t bring in more animals to the forest without involving the local community,” he said, adding that the service is in the process of compensating all farmers whose animals have been killed by wild animals in the county.

Ngalia had said on February 23, that KWS has deployed rangers to areas affected by human-wildlife conflict to trap the animals.