In a bid to deliver quality education, Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will next year roll out a development programmes for teachers.

The programme dubbed Teacher Professional Development (TPD) initiatives will be conducted in different levels and will aim at addressing the performance and occupation gaps in the teaching industry.

The training will be a key factor in promotion, contracting for those in training and the appraisal programme.

Speaking to the Star, TSC Chief Executive officer Nancy Macharia, the programme will be offered in various models by TSC accredited service providers and can be accessed at school level and training centres during school holidays and online.

Among this training centers highlighted include CEMASTEA, KEMI, KISE, British Council and Teacher Training Institutions.

“In service and training teachers will be expected to undertake the professional development programmes in line with provisions of the TSC Act and Code of Regulation for Teachers,” Macharia said.

Macharia further revealed that the commission had already developed a framework for implementation of Teacher Professional Development (TPD) initiatives.

“In line with the provisions of the TSC Act and the Code of Regulation for Teachers, the Commission has developed the necessary framework for the implementation of Teacher Professional Development (TPD) programmes.,” said Macharia.

Teachers undertaking the training will be required to build contact hours to about the same time one needs to get a P1 certificate which will be adequate for recertification.

School level training

According to Macharia teachers will also be able to train at school level.

In this approach, subject teachers in an institution will be required to be meeting for some time on specific days in a week to discuss and find solutions to issues that affect teaching and learning in their subjects.

Teachers from different schools within the same locality can also hold formal structured sessions to address performance gaps in subject areas.

“It is envisaged that the implementation of the Teacher Professional Development Programmes will institutionalize collaborative peer-to-peer learning. There is no doubt that TPD will also help teachers continuously learn from each other and create Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) through critical reflection with colleagues,” Macharia said.