President Uhuru Kenyatta has set the stage for the first sitting of the 12th Parliament with a gazette notice.

In the notice,Uhuru said the first sitting will take place on August 31, a day before the Supreme Court reads out its verdict on NASA’s presidential petition case.

The outcome of the petition is expected by September 1.

Kenyatta said the session will take at the main Parliament building from 2.30pm at the National Assembly Chamber.

Parliament in session

The notice came a day after the full list of MPs and MCAs was gazetted. That of nominated MPs and MCAs will be gazetted in a special notice today.

Uhuru is mandated by law to gazette the recall of the National Assembly and the Senate latest September 8.

The MPs’ first order of business following their swearing-in is to elect a Speaker and a Deputy Speaker.

Article 126 (2) of the constitution says: “Whenever a new House is elected, the President, by notice in the Kenya Gazette, shall appoint the place and date for the first sitting of the new House, which shall be not more than