While Kenyans are out here ranting over Maize flour prices, Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika is out on a glamorous vacation in London and Miami and has been sharing a glimpse of how much fun she is having on social media.

Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika Living lavish in Miami

The Veetox CEO and reality TV star is giving us vacation goals as she throws a couple thousands on shopping sprees for Designer goodies, from Gucci and Versace bags, Louis Vuitton, and Channel accessories while popping Champagnes and fine dining in Luxury destinations.

Vera Sidika fine dining.

The boss queen also visited the Kensington palace in London which apparently inspired her to build her own palace someday.

Vera Sidika at Kensington Palace in London,United Kingdom.

She wrote, “My visit to the Kensington Palace inspired me to build a better version of it. And trust me, what Sidika wants, Sidika gets cause she a go getter. I’ll remind y’all this one day.”