President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto have criticised opposition Chief Raila Odinga saying he has subjected Kenyans to injustice by withdrawing from the election.

Uhuru and Ruto welcomed the NASA chief’s decision to quit the repeat election saying they are ready to be on the October 26 ballot.

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“I hear he has withdrawn after making us spend Sh12 billion. That is injustice to Kenyans because that money could have been used on other development projects,” Uhuru told Voi residents on Tuesday.

IEBC has requested Sh13.79 billion for the fresh presidential election.

Embattled CEO Ezra Chiloba told a Special Parliamentary Committee scrutinising the Supplementary Budget that the sum will cater for services and the purchase of election materials.

Raila withdrew from the race earlier Tuesday and demanded that IEBC calls a fresh election. The former Prime Minister said it is only through his withdrawal that the country will have a free and fair election as per the law.

Uhuru said: “We are ready for the election. It is the people’s right to participate in an election to choose their leader. The people will decide. There is no constitutional clause stating Raila must be on the ballot for us to have an election.”

The President said he is confident he will defeat Raila again, and by a larger margin, should the election take place as scheduled.

He said Raila knew, even when “he forced the nullification” of the August 8 election outcome, that he cannot win majority votes, and that this is why he is not hunting for votes.

“They are always at press conferences. But we are here to ask Kenyans to give us more votes again,” he said, adding Raila wants to run away from the election.

Uhuru said his rival is free to quit the election if he wishes as this will allow Kenyans to carry on with their lives.

“From the day the court said we would go back to the election, our opponent has been coming up with excuses. Yesterday I said he wants to withdraw,” he said.