FELLOW Kenyans, many, including yours truly, voted for Raila Odinga. He undertook to protect our votes with a Parallel Tallying Centre. He failed to do so.

We have not seen any results, two days after the close of the polls. We have to make do with those given by the IEBC. Raila and his command team have failed us.

There were no agents to monitor the counting of votes and forward Forms 34A and Forms 34B to the Tallying Centre, if at all there was any. That is the hard truth, upon self-assessment. I experienced it in my Polling Station and Constituency.

Raila has lost, not for want of numbers but for failure to take command, caution, mobilise and secure his voter base. He failed to guard his votes.

It is probable that he may not have had the numbers: We will never know. All evidence indicates that Uhuru Kenyatta will be declared winner of the Presidential Election.

President Uhuru and his team have demonstrated meticulous preparation and organisation. They were more strategic and focused. They were ahead all the time, by the book and outside the book. We must salute them.

Jubilee and the IEBC advocates are already assembled to respond to any Presidential Election Petition. They have been camping in court, waiting in ambush.

They are prepared, even as Raila’s are overwhelmed with sleep and “food poisoning”. I advise Raila not to waste any time in court. He has no evidence to sustain a legal battle. It is lost.

President Uhuru did not unify the nation in his first term. He attributed this to Raila’s interruptions. That may well be so. However, it is water under the bridge now. Raila will not be there to interrupt this time around.

It is my expectation that President Uhuru will, in his second term, serve the entire nation diligently and without discrimination.

He is the President of Kenya and not two tribes. I unreservedly congratulate President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto for winning the second term in office.

As usual, I will indicate my satisfaction where they excel in leadership and voice concern or objection where they will fall into error. They will be serving without an active opposition. Therein lies the problem.

Pole, Raila. First Baba was my late father. Baba Moi was the second. You are the third. My son is the fourth. Baba will always be here.

Havi is a lawyer