The exit of NTSA officials from the roads is not a license for drunk driving, Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet has warned.

Traffic police officers will continue with aggressive  crackdowns on motorists who drive under the influence of alcohol, said the IG.

“Don’t think of drinking and driving because you will be arrested “Said the IG.

Boinnet spoke on the sidelines of a meeting to evaluate the police internal affairs unit at a Nairobi hotel yesterday.

The IG at the same time said the police would take serious action against traffic police officers found receiving bribes.

Drivers who also give bribes will also be prosecuted.

Boinnet was responding to public claims that the exit of NTSA officers from the roads was a recipe for more deaths owing to rampant corruption in the traffic department.

The police chief reiterated, the Government will crackdown on politicians who oppose the t

At the same time, the IG issued a strong warning against politicians forcefully ejecting principals recently posted to schools.

Boinnet said he has issued directives to all county commanders to arrest and prosecute ‘anybody breaking the law by frog matching head teachers.’

‘The law is very clear all commanders are under firm instructions to deal ruthlessly with politicians taking the law unto their hands,” he said.
“Those we have already arrested will be arraigned in court.”

Following the implementation of tough guidelines in the management of public institution, the TSC has shuffled many long-serving principals in a bid to ensure none serves in their home counties.

MCAs from Bungoma and Makueni counties stormed schools this week and flushed out newly posted principals who were moved into the counties.

Bungoma governor Wyckliffe Wangamata has vowed not to allow new principals in his county.

The radical shift in policy has elicited resistance from teachers’ unions, with KNUT secretary general Wilson Sossion faulting the mass transfer of teachers.

“This was a non-consultative process that we will not allow until proper consultations are made,” he said yesterday in an interview from his Bomet home.