Third Way Alliance Kenya presidential candidate Dr. Ekuru Aukot has promised Kenyans that-if elected as the fifth president of Kenya-his administration will create 10 million jobs in the first four years in office.

Aukot while outlining his economic pillar that will guide his presidency, the lawyer said that his government will put in place an elaborate infrastructure and industrialise counties to spur economic growth and create employment to the youth and women.

He added that his government will open up inter-county highways that will link agribusiness counties to its neighbours for ease of doing business.

Presidential candidate, Ekuru Aukot has said that his administration will provide 10 million jobs in a span of four years if elected president

“There has never been a bottom-up economic plan agenda for this country. What we have been fed with of double-digit growth are all economic lies that my government will change,” Aukot said during a live TV interview on KTN.

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He further said that his government will come up with a policy that will ban export of raw materials. He called upon leaders to be central in spearheading industrialisation.

“Real change must begin with our leaders. It is an economy that concentrates in the one per cent of individuals and our pillar will address this disconnect,” he said.