The National Super Alliance presidential flag bearer Raila Odinga has reiterated that the coalition will not allow anybody to steal the August 8 elections.

Odinga who was being endorsed by his party ODM to fly the presidential flag said that the Nasa umbrella would soon launch an elaborate campaign geared towards getting about 10 million votes that will send Jubilee government home.

“We will not allow anybody to get away with stealing of votes in the August polls. We will vote and guard our votes,” Odinga said.

Odinga maintained that vote counting should be conducted at the constituency levels and results announced there contrary to what the electoral body used to do during other elections.

The Nasa presidential candidate assured his supporters and his co-principals that he would embark on a new brand of politics which he termed as ‘politics of honour and integrity across the nation’

NASA flag bearer, Raila Odinga has said that the August election will be free and fair

“I pledge to work with my colleagues in Nasa to deliver victory in August. Kenya need our victory,” the ODM party leader said.

He said that Nasa government will not only empower community instead of stealing from them but also tame the runaway burrowing that Jubilee government has deepened into.

Pointing on the high cost of living starting from basic commodities such as maize flour, milk and sugar, rent to transport-he said that his administration will keep the Kenyan dream of improving the lives of its citizen.

“I will commit my last breath to the liberation of Kenya”

“The only legacy we are sure Jubilee will have left for our children is a huge debt to our kids” Odinga said.

He thanked other leaders in the Nasa fold for believing in his leadership and giving him the mantle as their flagbearer.

“Nasa has the right strength and ability to reach Canaan and offer good leadership,” he said.