Popular music group Sauti sol has become victim of criticism in twitter after a tweet they posted criticising popular slogans used in political rallies went viral.

This is not the first time the group has fallen  prey of Kenyans on Twitter.


Sauti Soul.Photo-Classic

The musicians sensationally claimed ‘Tibim’, ‘Tialala’ and ‘Tano Tena’ were empty political slogans that are irrelevant Kenyans.

Sauti Sol further stated that most Kenyans were uneducated fools who kissed politicians’ asses.

“Tibim, tialala and tano tena are all empty slogans with no data and development records attached to them. A critical mass of this country is simply uneducated that’s why these things turn us on. But to be honest why aren’t these battles about manifestos and track records? In this country as long as you have money you can fart and people will cheer,” reads Sauti Sol message on social media.

Some of the reactions in social media platform are;

Chu Tsi: Slay kings,fungueni server ndio muimbe soprano..You must have been jointly on periods to issue such a moody statement.

Hillary Oduor Otieno: At least we get turned on by empty political slogans unlike you people who get turned on by fellow band members. mashoga nyinyi.

Mijide Nanc: Wenzenu kama Diamond ako na ndume mbili na dem mmoja na bado anaendelea,Jaguar ako na ndume moja na tudem tuwili,Chameleone has four kids, nyinyi ata mkikufa sai hakuna makumbusho mtafanyiwa. You only wear nets and pencils sijui mnataka nani aone hips zenu zinakaa cassava. Keep yourself busy,find ladies and make babies alaaa!!!

Prince Enos K’Oguna: Nooo….this shouldn’t be coming from you guys, you should be busy massaging your ass for a possible pumping by your gay partners and leave matters politics which you have very little knowledge about. An educated gay is more foolish than any uneducated kenyan you may refer to.

Ibrahim Mc’Abele: Choose a struggle guys. Either endeleeni kukuwa chichi men( gays) ama muanze kukuwa political analysts. Ong’er