Garissa woman representative Shukran Gure has expressed confidence she will successfully defend her seat despite having received no clan blessings.

Clan endorsements play an important role in ensuring one wins elections in North Eastern counties of Garissa, Wajir, Mandera, Marsabit and Isiolo.

Gure’s Aulihan clan did not pledge to support any candidate for the seat of woman representative.

The clan leaders said they will not back any candidate for the post of woman representative and will thus leave Garissa residents to choose a leader on their own.

Garissa Woman Representative Shukran Gure. Photo:

At a meeting last week in Garissa town which brought together the Aulihan and Samadhal communities, Abdikadir Shakur (Aulihan clan member) said they would support Governor Nathif Jama’s and Senator Yussuf Issa’s (Senate) re-election.

In Garissa, just like other North Eastern counties, people choose leaders according to clan associations.

The Garissa woman representative seat has attracted five candidates; Fatuma Kinsi (ODM), Amina Keinan (Kanu), Maryan Sheikh (Third Way Alliance), Ebla Sahal (ANC), and Anab Subow (Jubilee Party).

“I have no problem with my community’s decision not to support any of us,” Gure said on Friday.

“Let us battle on our own and the people decide whom they deem fit.”

“Some people might think the move my community took is a political setback to me and that it will dent my re-election, but I can assure you that is not the case.”

Aspirants in Garissa have been courting clan leaders seeking for endorsement to increase their chances of winning during the August poll.

She told her opponents to prepare for a mega battle now that her clan’s failure to endorse her has given her momentum to vigorously campaign knowing she is standing on her own.