Love is a powerful emotion. It inspires us, motivates us, and sometimes leads us to behave in ways that seem surprising even to ourselves. Women, in particular, can express love in ways that are unique and specific to the object of their affection.

If you’re a man wondering about a woman’s feelings for you, or a woman simply curious about the habits of your gender, here are 12 things women tend to do only when they are deeply in love.

1. They Invest Time and Effort

It’s no secret that meaningful relationships require significant investment. When a woman loves a man, she’ll happily make time for him, put effort into understanding him, and work on nurturing the bond. She’ll show up, make plans, and find creative ways to make him feel valued.

2. They Prioritize His Happiness

While it’s important to maintain a sense of self in any relationship, a woman in love won’t hesitate to put her man’s happiness near the top of her priority list. She’ll want him to feel good, to smile, and to feel supported in life.

3. They Open Up Emotionally

Women aren’t always stereotyped as emotionally open, but they tend to let their guard down with the men they love. When a woman feels safe and secure with her partner, she’ll be much more likely to share her deepest vulnerabilities, her hopes, and her fears.

4. They Put Thought into Gestures – Big and Small

Whether it’s remembering his favorite snack to surprise him at the grocery store or planning a romantic getaway, a woman in love will naturally seek ways to demonstrate her affection. These acts of service can range from the mundane to the extravagant but have the same core meaning: I care about you.

5. They Actively Listen

We all like to feel heard and understood. A woman in love won’t just hear her man’s words – she’ll listen. She’ll try to remember details, make eye contact, and demonstrate that she’s genuinely present during conversations.

6. They Offer Unwavering Support

A major benefit of a loving relationship is having a built-in cheerleader. When a woman loves a man, she’ll be there for the highs and the lows – offering a shoulder to cry on or celebrating his successes with genuine enthusiasm.

7. They Show Physical Affection

Physical affection plays a vital role for many women when expressing love. From a lingering hug to a playful touch, a loving woman will often seek out physical closeness with her partner. The nature of this physical touch varies widely depending on the woman and her relationship.

8. They Forgive Easily

No relationship is without its hiccups. When a woman is in love, she’s predisposed to find forgiveness, even after a man has caused her some pain. This doesn’t mean she’s a pushover, simply that she’s willing to put in the work to resolve conflict for the sake of the relationship.

9. They Get Along with His Loved Ones

A woman knows the importance of family and friends to her partner. If she’s serious about him, she’ll genuinely want his loved ones to like her too. She’ll put in effort with his social circle in an attempt to strengthen the overall bond with her significant other.

10. They Encourage His Growth

Wanting the best for the man she loves, a supportive woman will encourage him to step outside his comfort zone, to pursue dreams, and to strive for self-improvement. She’ll be his partner not only in romance but in becoming his best self.

11. They Find Him Irresistible

Physical attraction factors heavily for most people, especially in the early phases of a relationship. But when a woman’s in love, she doesn’t just find her man physically attractive – she becomes infatuated by him. She often enjoys his quirks and finds his very presence comforting.

12. They Can’t Imagine Life Without Him

The most obvious sign of love? A woman who sees her future intrinsically entwined with her partner’s. She’ll make long-term plans, dream with him, and simply find the idea of a life without him difficult to picture.

Please note: Not all women express love in identical ways.

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