Is she just being friendly, or is she interested in something more? Figuring out if a woman is secretly sexually attracted to you can be tricky. Thankfully, there are subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) cues that give away her true intentions.

In this article, we’ll uncover those telltale signs so you can stop guessing and start acting with confidence.

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1. Eye Contact That Lingers

Eye contact is a powerful form of nonverbal communication. If she finds you sexually appealing, she’ll hold your gaze longer than usual. You might also catch her stealing glances your way when she thinks you’re not looking. Deep, sustained eye contact suggests she’s trying to form a deeper connection with you.

2. She Plays With Her Hair

Twirling a strand of hair, running her fingers through it, or tucking it behind her ear – these seemingly innocent gestures can signal that she’s feeling playful and a bit flirtatious. Hair-playing is often a subconscious way to draw attention to herself.

3. The Lip Bite

Biting or licking her lips is a classic sign of attraction. It’s subtle but effective in drawing your focus to her mouth. This gesture can suggest she’s imagining getting closer and even perhaps kissing you.

4. Touching (and More Touching)

Whether it’s a light brush of her hand on yours, a playful tap on the arm, or a lingering hug, physical touch is a huge indicator of interest. When a woman is sexually attracted to you, she’ll seek out opportunities to initiate physical contact.

5. Her Voice Changes

Does her voice get softer or slightly huskier when talking to you? A change in vocal pitch can signify an underlying level of attraction. She may be unconsciously adjusting her voice to seem more inviting.

6. She Mirrors Your Body Language

Mirroring your movements is a way to establish rapport and signal similarity. If she leans in when you do, crosses her legs similarly to yours, or gestures in a way that subtly mimics yours, it might mean she’s subconsciously trying to connect with you on a deeper level.

7. Genuine Excitement Around You

When a woman is sexually attracted to you, being around you makes her visibly happy. Watch for big smiles, enthusiastic laughter – even at your corny jokes – and a general positive energy when you’re together. This type of excitement indicates strong chemistry.

Additional Things to Keep In Mind

  • Context is everything: A single sign isn’t always a giveaway. Look for a cluster of these signs to form a clearer picture of her attraction.
  • Each woman is unique: Some women are bolder with their signals of attraction than others. Don’t be afraid of misreading a very friendly person.
  • Confidence is key: When you sense her attraction, radiating confidence will make you even more appealing.

Decoding Secret Desires

While no list is entirely foolproof, knowing these signs will help you navigate those confusing “does she, doesn’t she?” moments. Remember, while body language often reveals hidden desires, the best way to confirm sexual attraction is respectful, open communication.

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