Marriage is a beautiful commitment, but it takes work to nurture and maintain a strong bond. Understanding your husband’s needs is key for a fulfilling and lasting marriage. While every man is unique, there are some common threads in what men often desire from their wives. Here are the 8 S’s to help enhance your marriage:

1. Support

Being a man’s biggest cheerleader and source of encouragement is crucial. Men want to feel like their wives believe in them and their dreams. Show him that you are behind him all the way by offering words of affirmation, celebrating his wins, and being understanding during setbacks.

2. Space

Everyone needs some personal time, and men are no different. Respect his need for occasional “me time,” whether it’s watching sports, pursuing a hobby, or simply having some quiet time for reflection. Giving him space doesn’t mean you’re neglecting the marriage; it shows you trust him and support his need for individuality.

3. Smile

A genuine smile can brighten anyone’s day. Men appreciate it when their wives greet them with a warm smile; it signals welcome, happiness, and love. A smile is contagious and sets a positive tone for your interactions.

4. Sex

Physical intimacy is often important for men in a marriage. Now, this doesn’t mean constant pressure. It means being open to affection and creating a comfortable atmosphere to share physical connection. Healthy intimacy fosters closeness and strengthens the emotional bond.

5. Submission

This is NOT about being subservient. Submission in the context of marriage implies respect, cooperation, and willingness to work as a team. It’s about valuing your husband’s opinions and leadership, even if you don’t always fully agree. When he feels that you support his decisions in the big picture, he’s likely to reciprocate that respect.

6. Softness

Kindness, gentleness, and a loving approach often resonate deeply with men. While having opinions and expressing them is healthy, focus on communicating with softness. Harshness can create defensiveness, while a gentle delivery promotes receptivity.

7. Service

Demonstrating acts of service is a powerful way to show your husband that you care. Whether it’s a simple gesture like preparing his favorite meal, giving him a massage after a long day, or tackling a chore he dislikes– acts of service speak volumes about your love and dedication.

8. Spirituality

For many men, faith and spirituality are vital aspects of their lives. Sharing a spiritual connection with your husband can create a foundation of shared values. If you share similar beliefs, consider praying together, attending services, or simply engaging in discussions about your faith. If not, show respect for his beliefs and offer support in his spiritual journey.

Important Considerations

  • Communication: Open and honest communication is the bedrock of any strong relationship. Encourage your husband to share his thoughts and feelings, and actively listen to what he has to say.
  • Self-care: Don’t forget to prioritize your own well-being. A happy and fulfilled wife translates to a happier and more vibrant marriage. Take time for yourself, pursue your own interests, and nurture your own growth.
  • Appreciation: Let your husband know how much you appreciate him. Don’t take his efforts for granted; offer gratitude for his hard work and the ways he contributes to your relationship.

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Disclaimer: It’s essential to remember that every man and every marriage is different. These S’s provide a framework, but open communication with your husband is always the best way to understand his specific needs and desires.

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